Easy to use & user-friendly cryptocurrecy wallet
Easy to use
The main idea behind the Moon Wallet is to make Ethereum as simple as it can be. We just removed all complicated things, added nice and clean UI.
No need to download
Moon Wallet has web version which can be accessed from any device with internet connection. No additional plugins required.
Open Source
Our team loves open source and we have couple of open source projects we are actively developing. You can find the source code at our GitHub.
Our GitHub
2FA, user actions verification, notifications, special payment password and even HD wallet support - all is for security of your account and assets.
Absolutely Free
Moon Wallet is currently absolutely free and we don't show you any ads. Why? Because we think that all available wallets were made for geeks by geeks. This time geeks( team) are creating something for people.
Created with ❤️ by secret_tech on 🌎 in 2018